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About Us

Dino Hayz

Creative Director, Co-Owner


With over 30 years of experience in the performing arts industry, Dino has honed his craft and is dedicated to sharing his passion and expertise with others. With a BA in Performing Arts, a background in education, and advanced certifications in holistic health, Dino is a well-rounded and accomplished performer, director and educator.

From his time as the director of theatre at the Putnam Museum, to his weekly appearances on Paula Sands Live as the beloved character Dr. Discovery, Dino has left an indelible mark on the Quad Cities' performing arts scene. In 2006, he founded the Center for Living Arts, a place where people of all ages and experience levels can come together to discover the magic of theatre and the power of storytelling.

Dino believes that theatre is not just for professional entertainers, but for everyone. We all tell stories every day, and stories have the power to teach, empower, and inspire. His mission is to awaken people to the transformative power of the arts and to help them find their voice and place on the stage.

Don't let life pass you by without singing your song. Let your life be heard at the Center for Living Arts, where you will be inspired to reach new heights.

Tina Hayz

Managing Director, Co-Owner


Meet Tina, the driving force behind the Center for Living Arts. With a background in education and over 30 years of experience in theatrical programming, Tina is a seasoned professional in the performing arts industry.

From her time as the Director of Blessed Beginnings Preschool, to her role as Theatrical Programming Coordinator and Education Specialist at the Putnam Museum, Tina has made a significant impact on the Quad Cities' performing arts scene. Her experience as Entertainment Supervisor at Rhythm City Casino, and her skills as a choreographer and costume, ticket, and prop manager make her a valuable asset to the Center for Living Arts.

Tina is not only a founding member of the touring production of Godspell, but she is also the playwright of Messages from the Heart, a collaborative work with her partner and Center for Living Arts founder, Dino. Her tireless work ethic, inspiration, and unwavering support of Dino make her a vital member of the Center for Living Arts family.

With her passion for the arts and her commitment to education and growth, Tina is a true leader in the performing arts community. Come experience the magic of the Center for Living Arts and discover the impact of Tina's hard work and dedication.


Discover Your Creativity at the Center for Living Arts!


Join Dino and Tina Hayz as they bring their passion for the arts and self-expression to the Quad Cities. At our welcoming, inclusive community, we believe that everyone has the power to tell a story and make a difference through the arts. From acting classes and workshops, to exciting theatrical productions, we offer a range of opportunities for you to tap into your imagination and explore your passions. So, whether you're a seasoned performer or just looking to try something new, the Center for Living Arts is the perfect place to awaken your creativity, connect with others, and discover the power of your voice. Don't let life slip by without taking the stage and singing your song!


Join us today!

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