...the enthusiasm of director Dino Hayz’s young-adult cast – who performed the hell out of the piece – proved so infectious and stirring....Thom White, RCReader

Passion counts for a lot in drama, and sincerity counts for a lot plus, and both qualities are in welcome abundance in the Center for Living Arts’ presentation of the adolescent-angst musical bare....Mike Schulz, RCReader.


It feels wrong to say that “Bare,” the new musical from the Center for the Living Arts, is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time because it feels wrong to call it “a show.”  Sean Leary...QCTimes

Welcome to the Center for Living Arts

​The Center offers students performance training and opportunities that will change their lives, for good.


The Center is certainly about theatre, but it is so much more in that our focus is on the community built among these budding artists and the life changing messsages of the stories we tell. This is a place where everyone is welcome. This is a place where everyone is an artist, and encouraged to hone their craft. People have a desire to connect with each other, themselves...and nothing quite builds that connection like the arts. Just ask any of our actors over the last 13 seasons! "

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