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Here is the information you need to prepare for your audition.

A list of songs to be familiar with is below.


Placement auditions for the camps will be on Saturday OR Sunday, May 21 and 22, from 12:30-3pm. You pick the day that works for you. Everyone shows up at 12:30 and leaves at 3pm. Parents are required to attend the first 30 minutes of the process as an over view of the policies are shared and questions are answered. Auditioners will learn a song from the show at the auditions and perform it that afternoon. No major preparation needed. If these dates cannot work for you, we can arrange an individual time. Just send us an email at


Camp Rock Auditions:

Be familiar with these songs if you are auditioning for:

Mitchie: This Is Me

Shane: This is Me

Tess: It's On

Dana: Introducing Me

Nate: Introducing Me

Luke: Fire

Ensemble: Can't Back Down

Camp Rockers will also learn a small dance routine.


Rent Auditions:

Be familiar with these songs if you are auditioning for:

Mimi: Out Tonight

Roger: One Song

Angel: Today for You

Collins: I'll Cover You Reprise

Mark: What You Own

Maureen/Joanne: Take Me or Leave Me

Benny: You'll See

Ensemble: Seasons of Love


So, the way this works....if you want to be one of the certain characters listed above, you become as familiar with that song as you can. We'll pull out a small selection from that specific piece and have you/your child sing a solo from that song. If you want to audition for multiple parts, be familiar with multiple songs. However, to keep the auditions running quickly, we'll ask that actors pick their top two parts and audition for those first. If you don't have a preference, or simply don't know who you'd like to play, simply choose the ensemble song.


How do you become familiar with the song? Either purchase the album at the links below or look up the particular songs on You Tube. Thank the theatre gods for YouTube!


Rent Sound track


Camp Rock Sound track


Yes, the link says Camp Rock 2, but that is the movie that our show is based on.  Email with any questions you may have. Have a wonderful day! 

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