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V I D E O   M E M O I R S


I lost my dad about a year ago. I lost my grandmother 5 years ago. I lost my cousin 8 years ago. I lost my uncle 9 years ago. These were people I loved so deeply. My son, now almost 4, will never know them. He will never hear their voices and see their wonderful personalities. I started this service to help people have a way to carrie their memories into the lives of their children and their children's children.


It is nice to have photos and family videos to pass on these wonderful memories. It is so much more meaningful to have a 2 hour video where you get to see how your loved ones actually feel about living. To hear their deepest thoughts on life, their frustrations and their dreams. If this appeals to you at all, please give me a call. I will come to you and record them on high def video. My dad's death was so sudden. I sure wish my boy could see and hear his grandpa tell him that he loved him. We thought we had more time to get it done.


We've done several of these over the years and two of those families have actually lost the person on the video. They are so grateful to have their stories recorded in their own words.

It may sound like I'm trying to persuade you with emotional pleas. I am. But I do it with the sincerest heart I can muster. Most of us get so caught up in our lives that things like this get pushed to the side quite easily. It did for me. I never got my dad on camera...and I offer this service! If calling on your emotions just moves you to action to videotape your family yourself, then my job is done. If you don't think you'll ever do it, call me. I will do it for you.


Video Memoirs

We will come to your home...or you can come to our studio, conduct a personal interview of your life capturing your most treasured memories for your loved ones to enjoy for generations to come! We will add your personal pictures to the video as well.  We have 20 wonderful QUESTIONS designed to get the most dear, fun and memorable aspects of your life recorded in your own words. If you don't like our questions, you can use your own! 

Basic Packages include: 

Up to 3 hour interview--$75

Video editing $15/hour (avg/15 hours)

(includes scanning, touching up, animating photos)

1 proof copy of the project

2 completed DVD's--$20

Average final cost: $300


We will work with you to give you exactly what you want.  Not sure?  We have several options for you to chose from.

We add title pages, digital segues, animated/moving photos, music to underscore small sections of your interview and much more...or less.  If you want it simple, we can do that as well.  
Our goal is to serve you and to provide you with a product that you'll be happy with for years to come.

All interviews recorded in High Definition Wide-Screen Format.  
We provide you with a proof copy for you to view and suggest any changes before we produce the final product. 

We guarantee your complete satisfaction.



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