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CoolShe absolutely enjoyed every minute of  
it! It gave her such a confidence boost! And we thank you all for  
that! As usual,the show was wonderful! The singing was especially good  
this year! It is amazing how much they can learn in 2 weeks!







CoolCongratulations!  What a great show you have created!  (Again).  It is 
so inspiring, amazing and a blessing to have the two of you involved in 
our kids' lives this way!  They love every minute they spend at your 
Center for Living Arts and spend much of the remaining minutes recanting 
their experiences with you and the other children there.

We loved seeing our daughter dancing like there's no tomorrow, smiling and 
singing and having such a great time.  She really loved her
curtain-pulling role too!  Thank you for giving our son this opportunity 
to go beyond himself in a role and just shine, he has gone to bed (they 
both have) with a satisfied, exhausted, happy feeling for the past two 
weeks, it's been great.

Last night was quite a night.  So the show last night meant even more to us, as my 
parents, especially, were able to forget the world outside for a moment 
and enjoy the music, dancing, singing, acting. Because it was truly a 
first-class production,. not a kid show one sometimes suffers through in 
lesser venues, but a great, fun-filled evening.  I don't know how you do 
it; my mother kept asking me; "how do they do it?" but it works, and we 
will be back in the fall, and next summer!  

You are doing great work, work you are clearly meant to be doing, keep 
doing it!  




CoolI wanted to tell you what a GREAT experience this was for my child. I almost 
didn't recognize her on that stage! She was so expressive and looked so 
outgoing. She really had a blast. Thanks for all your compliments and 
help for her, she really took it all to heart.



Laughing She had a wonderful time, and actually loved all the hard work involved in putting on the show. You did an amazing job pulling this all together, and I thank you for allowing my daughter the opportunity to get a taste of theatre life. Now, shes hooked LOL

All my best wishes to you and yours!  LR--mother of High School Musical cast member

Laughing From a Student and Parent of High School Musical


Student (Kaylyn) – I love acting and being on stage. High School Musical was a dream come true! The camp has taught me things and when someone can teach me, I know I can become better at something I love. I really enjoyed how the staff was just as excited as the kids. I loved the staff. They showed us creativity and originality. The best thing for me has been building stage confidence, having fun, and making new friendships! There was lots of time to socialize with people; before shows, after shows, during practice, and when you weren’t on stage. I was able to see how actors and actresses work together to form a strong cast. I had a terrific time and will be back next year. The experience that I gained from being in the High School Musical will help me in the future. It was a wonderful experience. I give the theatre camp an A+, and can hardly wait for next year!



Laughing Parent (Selena) - Kaylyn loved every aspect about the camp. She said there wasn’t anything that she disliked. Kaylyn has been involved with other theatre summer camps but she was so excited about this camp. She would get in the car at the end of the day and talk nonstop about how much fun she had. I could not believe her excitement! From that day on for the rest of the camp, she could hardly wait to get there. She loved meeting the other kids and there was not one kid she didn’t like. She liked the uniqueness and artsy way of the staff. This has been a good opportunity for my daughter to experience various aspects of theatre (acting, singing, dancing, designing the set, props, costumes, technical side, etc). It was amazing at how well the students knew their lines and how smoothly everything flowed in just three weeks. The diversity of the students was great. They each were able to express their individuality. I also thought the students were respectful of one another.  Kaylyn is not afraid to get up on stage or speak in public. This will only benefit her in the future in school, college, and the work force. I thought the staff was professional and enthusiastic. The price was reasonable. I was glad to have a top quality program so close to home. What a joy to see my child enjoying herself and gaining even more self-confidence. Keep up the great work!


The only improvement would be more, more, and more theatre camps or productions. 



Laughing Kaylee absolutely loved her experience!!  She learned tons and made great friends.  You gave her the opportunity to do what she loves to do - sing and perform for an audience. The best compliment she could give you is after the first Friday when I picked her up from camp, she said it was the first time in her life when she wished it wasn't the weekend.  So, yes, she would have loved to perform a second weekend.  In fact, after the performance, we spoke to people who hadn't heard about it till after the first weekend and wished it was still running so they could attend.  

Please continue to offer these summer camps.  It was an expense for us, but well worth it. It was a wonderful way for Kaylee to spend her summer - singing, dancing, and performing!! Do you know yet what show you will be performing next summer?  Tandy Huber

Laughing The show was awesome and I had so much fun working with you, Tina, and Everyone that was involved with it. 

I liked all the warm-ups we did in the beginning of everyday (you know, how we learned to trust one another and everything). What I expected when I first stated was that I wouldn’t make much friends because people normally don’t give me the chance or anything and that it was going to be very difficult since it was my first play/musical ever, but it wasn’t, it was amzing and I learned so much. You guys didn’t treat anyone different just because it was their first time or they couldn’t sing or anything like that so it made the experience easy and wonderful for me. 

I learned a lot from you and Tina though some people would say that is was us that taught you, but that wasn’t the case for me. I felt that what ever I did, I just have to give it all I got because its better to make a mistake outloud then make a mistake quietly, and you taught me that. 

I feel that the price range was okay though my mom thought that it was a little high for a show that didn’t provide costumes but my mom thinks that everything is too expensive so I wouldn’t really listen to what she has to say. LOL. 

I believe that there is nothing we could improve because everything was great and there is not much more to say about that. Because of my performance on stage and through those 3 weeks...I would love to try and do musicals and plays for a living because its fun and it makes me so happy to actually have something that I know im good at because in school, you hardly get that chance since they pick favorites a lot, and there are people out there that think they are better then everyone else just because they take lessons, but that is not what makes you a better person, that doesn’t make you better then anyone else, and I have friends that think they are better then a lot of people but since I did high school made me realize that anyone can be good, anyone can be all depends on how you show it, and give it all you got. 

If there is ever a point where someone doesn’t want to do a play or musical just because they feel that they are not good enough...then im going to tell them to go to you Dino because you are what got me through this performance, it was you that made me realize that I can do this. I luv you Dino and im going to miss you a whole lot so hopefully I'll see you soon.  Peace Out!  High School Musical Cast member

Laughing Here is my testimonial: I really enjoyed the three weeks. They were all that I dream of and more. We really came together as a cast and I miss everyone of you. I like making the character sheets and trying new and fun games. Thank you Dino and Tina for everything that you did  for the cast.Your time was welll spent. Mary Dixon

Laughing She absolutely loved your camp and was sad to leave all the excitement when it was over.   Thank you for all your hard work during the camp.  It was a great experience for her.  Parent of HSM cast member.

Laughing My son had an absolute ball doing H.S. Musical and made some good friends, too. 
Besides causing him to sleep walk, he has gained incredible self-esteem. He will 
sing anywhere, anytime, at the top of his lungs. (Neighbors don't always 
apprecite this...) 



I loved meeting all my new friends.

Warm ups were a blast.

Everything was explained thoroughly (when we didn't understand) and you never got frustrated!

Being able to ACT and SING every day!

You made it feel like we were preparing for Broadway!  Made me feel special!

Liked the way we performed songs in a different way

You made everyone feel like their part was the LEAD!




When I signed up we really didn't know what to expect, so we weren't disappointed.  It was a great first experience with the camp - and the stage!


I learned how to be a better performer:  act better, sing better, definitely dance better.  I feel that I became more versatile.  I learned the production process and all that is involved in putting on a show!


My mom said the price was great.  When you break it down, you get a three week day-long camp for about $3.50 an hour!!!


Get more kids involved.  I think with the success of HSM that next year a lot more kids will want to participate.  I hope so!








Laughing The show you put on was amazing.  I knew it would be a good experience for Eliza,  BUT I had no idea how wonderful an experience Schoolhouse Rock would be for her.  Before the rehearsals began, I pondered whether I should give you the heads up on what I thought she could handle, and a laundry list of her strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, I decided I'd let you figure it out.  The Eliza I saw perform last week is not the same Eliza I would have described to you beforehand.  I was stunned at how she memorized the songs, her stage presence, her composure--her singing voice!!!  As I commented to Tina, I don't know HOW you broke her of the habit of her nervous face/neck touching.  She has done that in every performance I've ever seen her in--chorus, dance, class plays.

And even more important, you taught her to think on her feet and be confident.  The few minor line baubles were barely noticeable, because she maintained her composure, paraphrased and got back in rhythm. I am amazed that she could acquire this in only two weeks. And, she never doubted that she could pull off the show. (I was very worried...). And she had such fun.  She bounced out of bed each morning, eager to get on with the show.

And thank you for allowing Brenna to participate... she too gained a lot and she had a great time. I know she learned a lot and is looking forward to participating again next summer.


I am looking forward to many more summers of musical theater with you.  If you've taken them this far in only two weeks, how far will you take them???  Interplanet Janet might not be so fantastic after all....

A fan for life,

Julie Ross (mother of Brenna and Eliza, members of School House Rock Live, Jr. cast)


Some comments about the Center for Living from a recent article in the Rock Island News

wrote on Dec 30, 2007 9:50 AM:

" Dino is a wonderful person and great with kids! 
My children love taking drama lessons there! "

Sandra Guinn
wrote on Dec 30, 2007 6:00 PM:

" I wish I lived close so I could participate in all that you offer. I have someone in mind for your "Living Legacy Project". What a great idea!! "

Ann Herington
wrote on Jan 1, 2008 4:38 AM:

" Our daughters have been involved with Dino, Tina and the Center 4 Living since the very beginning. I can't say enough about the two of them, the work they do and the opportunites they provide in and for our local community. Their commitment to providing anyone/everyone an opportunity to experience "life at it's fullest" through the Center 4 Living is, in my opinion, unequaled. They are a team in every aspect of what they do. Hats off to the two of them for taking a chance and making it work and for making our community a better place! Thank you Dino and Tina. "


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