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The Story of Your Life

Video Biographies

for ANY Age!

FREE for those diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease

See Below at "Peggy's Promise"

At the Center for Living Arts, we strive to tell well-crafted stories every season with the youth of our community through the medium of musical theatre. However, this form of art limits us to that specific population that holds interest in performing.
We have branched out, offering everyone a chance to tell
The Story of Their Life
through our video biography production services.
Our staff will come and sit with you in your home, or our studio if you choose, and interview you for up to two hours on film (we provide you the questions ahead of time). We will collect pictures from the Story of Your Life, touch them up, and upload them to your video. The video will be lightly edited, and you will receive 5 dvds of your finished video biography to share with your loved ones. 
Why do this?
When my grandmother passed away several years ago from Alzheimer's Disease, I told my wife how I wish that she would have known her as a strong, outspoken, and funny woman. We simply had no record of her, other than photographs, living in the prime of her life. It became my mission to offer this service to others to capture their loved ones on film sharing stories from their lives and hearts.
Something else occurred during this time. We started filming youth as they reached milestones in their lives, such as high school and college graduations. We realized that no matter what your age, there was power in capturing bits of your life to preserve for future generations.
Imagine showing your child a video of you as you prepared for their arrival!
Imagine looking back on your high school or college days, and seeing and hearing your views of the world; your hopes; your aspirations, from the vantage point of decades worth of experience!
How wonderful it would be to show your child who you were when you were closer to their age!
See the delight in your child's eyes as they get to know their grandparents' stories!
Consider bringing us in to help you tell
the Story of YOUR Life!
All you need do is make the call, or submit here, and we'll be in touch and have your video biography done and in your hands in a short time.....for ALL time.
How much will this cost?
It all depends on the affordable package you choose!
Basic Package $149
Up to 2 hours of interview
Life history questions
Upload of up to 25 photos
Light editing up to 5 hours to cut out pauses and interruptions 
5 DVD's of the finished product
Professional Package $299
Up to 3 hours of interview
Life history questions
Upload and touch up of up to 50 photos
Professional editing up to 10 hours to give your biography a more polished look
10 DVDS of the finished product
We guarantee your satisfaction with either package!
Payment plans available.
Peggy's Promise
FREE biographies for those with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disesase.
Just contact us above, and we'll schedule the interview!
My mother, Peggy Carmichael (above), recently died of Alzheimer's Disease. Even though we were producing these biographies, we never captured her stories. I regret that decision daily. My father passed away suddenly, which apparently acted as a catalyst for her disease. It sent my mother into a very quick downward spiral of dementia.
By the time we had her moved to our area, the disease had destroyed her memories, and I couldn't bring myself to film her in that state. From diagnosis to death, was only a two year period for Peggy. We missed our window. The time to do it was always, NOW. It was devastating.
It became my Promise to Peggy, that I would develop a system for offering video biographies to anyone with a diagnosis of dementia, FREE to them. However, we need help in funding this promise.
We have created a non-profit organization to be able to accept tax free donations for others to assist us in helping me keep my promise. These donations go straight to the campaign and pay only for travel expenses, editing and filming time and materials. A few dollars here and there from people around the world can add up. Please consider offering a family a chance to hold on to the memory of their loved one.

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