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Living Theatre Project: Telling Our Stories!

In this experiential class, high school aged students, will share the stories that brought them into the world of performing. Beginning as a bonding exercise in a rehearsal process, we found a great amount of emotion, passion, excitement and heartache that lead these young performers to pursue the art of live theatre.

This program will endeavor to gather personal stories from its participants, develop these stories into theatrical moments (monologues, scense, poems, and songs), and then work on the process of creating a completely original musical theatre production.

While there is no promise of a fully polished show, it will be our guiding star throughout the process. At any rate, at the end of our first school year, we will share what we have created thus far.

Our goal here is to help these artists to realize that art is not only developing stories with pre-written shows, but within themselves. 

The school year long session will be comprised of 3 components:

1. The soul searching and gathering of stories that motivate them to perform. You would be surprised at the different, and sometimes very emotional events that lead them to the stage.

2. Story and theatrical development. Students will now begin to dramatize their work. At this point we will enter a course in playwriting.

3. Workshopping a performance for an audience wherever we happen to be in our process.

This program brings with it the hope of developing NEW, quality theatre to our community, showing our audience and our artists the power of sharing their passion with the world.

When: Saturdays, September 10th - December 10th, 2016

             Resuming Saturdays January 14th - May 20th, 2017

             2pm - 4pm

Instructors: Dino and Tina Hayz

Cost: $200 year long total, or 8 monthly payments of $25

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